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Is your carpet littered with dirt from your pet?

Let the experts help you out! Call DC Cleaning Inc for professional dry carpet cleaning service.

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Can't seem to get rid of that unsightly stain on your carpet?

When you allow the experts at DC Cleaning to help, you can count on us to clean up even the toughest stains. Your carpet will look like new again! We also pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly products.

  • Use of all-natural, nontoxic, biodegradable product
  • Dissolves, absorbs, and traps soil, spots, and odors
  • Low-moisture cleaner - you can walk on the carpet immediately

Green cleaning products that will benefit both you and the environment

We utilize a dry carpet cleaning system, which means once we're finished cleaning, you can go about your daily routine and use the carpet as you normally would.

We use the HOST cleaning system, which cleans by dissolving and trapping soil, spots, odors, as well as allergens as it is brushed through the carpet.


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